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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your cows graze outside?

​Yes. Our cows have the freedom to graze outside or rest indoors. We provide them with a barn in which they can seek shelter or shade or they can choose to go outside and graze the green Dorset grass - the choice is theirs!

How long does your milk keep for?

Our Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed milk is produced with a 7-day shelf-life. We display the use by dates for milk dispensed using the milk vending machine on a blackboard in the farm shop. All our pre-bottled milk will display a use by date on the packaging.

Can I freeze your milk?

Yes, all our milk can be frozen if it is in a polybottle. We wouldn't advise freezing in glass bottles as it will expand during the freezing process. For best results, freeze on day of purchase and when you are ready to defrost it, always do so in the fridge, never leave it out to defrost at room temperature.

Do you consider the way in which your milk is produced to be cruelty free?

Yes, absolutely. We farm in compliance with the RSPCA's Five Freedoms principles and the health and welfare of our herd is always our first priority.

We have a weekly visit from our vet so that any routine health issues can be addressed promptly and also a monthly visit from a foot trimmer to ensure that their foot-health is looked after, preventing any lameness issues.

Our cows are allowed to produce a comfortable amount of milk - they are never pushed to over-produce and their nutritional requirements are monitored constantly to ensure they remain in tip-top condition.

Our robotic milking system allows them to decide when they want to be milked and combined with our dual-option approach to grazing, this gives them total freedom to express their natural behaviours and just 'be cows.'


Do your calves stay with their mothers?


We are not a ‘calf at foot’ dairy (where calves remain indefinitely with their mothers) but all our new-born calves do stay with their mother, and suckle from her, for as long as they need to ensure they have a good and healthy start in life.

We have a ‘maternity ward’ at our farm (adjacent to the farm shop) in which you can see the cows with their baby calves.

Is your milk available anywhere other than the farm?

All our products are available from our stockists in addition to our own farm shop – please see our stockists page for more details.​

How do I purchase a Meggy Moo's reusable glass bottle?


You can purchase our glass bottles from our farm shop or from one of our stockist’s who offer the refill service. To find out more about purchasing our glass bottles and how to keep them clean, please follow this link.​



How does the milk vending machine work?

Our milk vending machine dispenses both whole and semi-skimmed unhomogenised milk. You can use your own clean container from home to dispense your milk into, or you can purchase one of our Meggy Moo's reusable glass bottles during your trip to our farm shop.

The machine accepts contactless payments, notes (except £20 notes), coins and gives change. 
For a step-by-step guide on how to use the machine and keep your glass bottles clean, click here.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please do contact us directly at ​

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