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Our Farm

Our family have been milking cows at Park Farm in Shroton, Dorset since 1989.

We milk a herd of 180 Holsteins which are looked after by Alan and his Dad, Andrew together with our Herdsman, Chris. Meggy Moo’s Dairy is very much a family business, in fact it was named after our first daughter, Megan. Together, we aim to produce quality milk and dairy products by using farming practices that always put our cows first.


We take great pride in looking after our herd. That is why we provide them not only with access to green grass to eat and sunshine on their backs, but also with a comfortable, clean barn in which they can rest, eat and seek shelter or shade.


We give our cows the freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to graze outside or rest indoors - the choice is entirely theirs. They are free to go where they prefer to be.

In addition to good Dorset grass, plenty of forage crops that we grow on the farm and constant access to fresh water, they also receive a nutritionally balanced diet that provides them with all the energy, vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy.

We milk them with 'robots' so they decide when they want to be milked, not us. By using this system, just 15 minutes of the cow's day is taken up by milking, giving her the rest of her day to relax and just 'be a cow.' This system also conforms to the RSPCA’s Five Freedom’s principles.

​All this, combined of course with routine visits from our vet and nutritionist, we hope will continue to keep our herd not only in tip-top condition, but most of all, content and happy.

Our farm is also accredited to the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme. We are regularly inspected by independent industry experts to ensure that the way in which we farm is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

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