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Our Milk

Our Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed milk has been very gently pasteurised using a traditional, lower temperature method but it has not been homogenised. This is what makes it taste so different to the mass-produced milk you will find in a supermarket.

It is super-fresh; pasteurised within hours of milking and delivered to stockists within 24 hours. Because it is not homogenised, this means that when it is left to settle overnight, the cream will naturally rise to the top.

Our milk is also not standardised to an industry-defined fat content; the butterfat’s within it will fluctuate with the cows’ seasonal dietary changes and even changes in the weather. However, as a guide, our whole milk generally has a fat content of around 3.9%, our semi-skimmed milk has around 1.8% and our skimmed has less than 1%.

All our milks are available from our farm shop, in which you can dispense whole and semi-skimmed milk from our vending machine direct into a reusable glass bottle. Our farm shop is open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. The machine accepts contactless card payments, notes and coins and will give change.

Please feel free to bring your own clean container to dispense your milk into, or you can purchase one our reusable glass bottles from the vending machine.

We can supply and deliver all our products to wholesale customers, so please contact us for details.

​Our milk can also be purchased at various retail stockists in Dorset. 

What is Homogenisation?

Homogenisation is a mechanical process that typically involves high temperatures, agitation and filtration, all aimed at breaking down the naturally-occurring fat molecules in milk into a smaller, more uniform size. Once the molecules have been broken down, they will stay suspended within the milk and not separate. This is why you will never see a layer of cream on the top of homogenised milk. This process has no health or nutritional benefit and is carried out to give a longer shelf-life and to make the milk more 'white' in colour, with the absence of the natural cream line. It is thought that this makes it more appealing to consumers.

When the fat molecules have been broken down by the process of homogenisation, they become so small that it is thought that they can be absorbed through the lining of your stomach and into your bloodstream. Studies have linked the consumption of homogenised milk to higher cholesterol levels and even an increased risk of heart disease. If, like ours, milk is left un-homogenised so that the fat molecules remain the size they are intended to be, it is thought that your body will be able to digest them as it naturally should.

We firmly believe that by not homogenising our milk, we have retained as much of its' natural flavour, texture and nutritional value as possible. You will also notice that the cream floats to the top; this is delicious on your cereal or in your morning coffee. However, if you're not a lover of cream, just a simple shake of the bottle will mix the cream and milk back together.

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