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Our Products

In addition to our whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed milks, we also produce a small range of other, delicious dairy products, all made using our award-winning milk and cream.

You can find out about our awards here.

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We believe that happy, contented cows will always produce the most delicious milk and that’s why the health and welfare of our cows is always at the heart of everything we do.

Free-range and grass-fed, our cows produce smooth, creamy milk with a natural sweetness.

All we do is gently pasteurise it. That’s it. No homogenisation, no standardisation and definitely no horrid additives to make it appear whiter in colour or last longer.

Our Whole Milk keeps the cream it was produced with, generally around 3.9% fat content, although as we don’t standardise our milk to an industry-defined fat content, it does fluctuate slightly with the seasons and the cow’s diet. Our Semi-Skimmed has some of the cream removed prior to pasteurisation to leave a fat content of around 1.8% and our Skimmed milk has all of the cream removed to leave a fat content of less than 1%, perfect if you prefer your milk less creamy or you are following a lower-fat diet.

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Our butter is made using our own double cream, which is gently pasteurised and then matured for 48 hours. 

Once matured, we then churn the cream to make butter and add by hand, a sprinkling of fine, locally-harvested sea salt. Finally, we hand-shape the individual logs, using traditional wooden butter paddles.

The result, we believe, is a rich, smooth and creamy butter with a silky texture, but with a good crunch from the sea salt. It is artisanal in its’ appearance, reflecting the truly hand-crafted, butter-making process we follow.

We launched our Sea Salted Butter in March 2021 and in its’ first year of production, it won Gold in the Taste of the West Awards and a Great Taste 1-star from the Guild of Fine Food.


In April 2022, we added Peppered Butter to the range, adding cracked black pepper to our sea salted recipe. This also won Gold in the 2022 Taste of the West Awards.

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Dorset Double Cream

Our Dorset Double Cream is in fact a by-product of our Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed Milk.

We separate the cream from the milk and then gently pasteurise it in the same way as our milk.


Often referred to by our customers as ‘the best cream they have ever tasted’ it is perfect for whipping, cooking or simply pouring over deserts.

Thick and indulgent with fresh lactic notes, it makes a wonderful accompaniment to any dessert menu! 

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Mini Moo's Milkshakes

Our popular Mini Moo’s range of milkshakes are made using our own pasteurised whole milk and are all produced here at the farm. 

We use only natural ingredients to make the tastiest, thickest and creamiest milkshake around! 
What’s more, they’re not super-charged with sugar and so have ‘school-approved’ status. 

Available in Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla, our Mini Moo’s are gluten-free and vegetarian friendly. 

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