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Our Milkstations

As a family and as a business, we are mindful of leaving as small a footprint on our environment as possible, which is why we give our customers the option to purchase their milk in a reusable, refillable glass bottle.

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Purchasing Your Bottles

Our reusable glass bottles can be purchased from the vending machine in the farm shop at £2 a bottle (lid included). Please note that this price does not include the milk, When refilling your bottle, our milk remains the same price as usual, at £1 a litre.

Upon purchase of your reusable glass bottle, you, the customer, will own the bottle and will be responsible for the cleanliness and suitability of your bottles for refilling purposes. Meggy Moo's are not permitted to clean your bottles on your behalf, so please ensure that you bring your bottles back to refill clean and ready to go!

We advise you regularly check your bottles are fit for purpose, as over time they may experience wear and tear from transit and general use. We advise transporting them in a supportive crate or similar where possible.

We provide replacement lids free of charge. These are available from a box on the milk vending machine. Please help yourself to a new lid when yours begins to show signs of wear.

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Keeping Your Bottles Clean

In terms of bacterial contamination, milk is a high-risk product. Therefore, it is imperative that due care and attention is paid to cleaning your bottles effectively and thoroughly at home. Please follow these steps to ensure that your bottles are clean:


  1. Once a bottle is empty, rinse it IMMEDIATELY with cold water to wash away milk residues. Using cold water first is important as hot water will scald the fat in the milk residue and cause it to stick to the glass.

  2. Once rinsed, fill with hot, soapy water and use your bottle brush to wash the inside.

  3. After washing, rinse again with hot water and then place in your dishwasher, preferably on the bottom rack and vertical so that the water can reach the inside of the bottle. The lid is also suitable to go in the dishwasher.

  4. Allow the bottle and lid to dry after washing. Do not put the lid back on until the bottle is thoroughly dry inside.

  5. If you do not have a dishwasher, you will need to be extra vigilant with the bottle brush and it may also be prudent to use an additional method of cleaning such as Milton sterilising tablets

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Using the Milk Vending Machine

You can dispense milk from the vending machine between 7am and 7pm every day. Here's how it works:


  1. Insert the coins or notes into the slots provided or press Start on the card reader.

  2. Select your milk preference using the relevant button for either whole or semi-skimmed milk.

  3. Open the door on the left of the machine and hold your reusable bottle at the angle as displayed under the correct nozzle for the type of milk you wish to dispense.

  4. Press the start button. The machine will dispense 1 litre of your chosen milk and will stop automatically.

  5. For dispensing into multiple bottles, simply place the next container under the nozzle and press the start button again. 

  6. When you've finished, remove the last bottle, close the door and press the 'change' button to return any used credit.


For further FAQ's on using our vending machine, please click here.

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