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Nestled in the shadow of Hambledon Hill, on the edge of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale, Park Farm has been home to our family, and our happy herd of Holstein cows, for over 30 years.

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Our Milk

Our milk comes exclusively from our own herd of happy Holstein cows.

​ We work hard to give our girls the highest standards of welfare as healthy, contented cows, who are given the freedom to graze and express their natural behaviours, will always produce the most delicious milk.

Our milk is pasteurised but it is not homogenised and that’s what makes it so different from mass-produced milk.

The cream will naturally rise to the top or, if you prefer, give it a shake to mix it back together.

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Our family have been milking cows at Park Farm in Shroton, Dorset since 1989.

We milk a herd of 180 Holsteins and as a family, we aim to produce quality milk by using farming practices that always put our cows first. We take great pride in looking after our herd. We provide them not only with access to green, grass pasture, but also with a comfortable, clean barn in which they can rest, eat and seek shelter or shade.

As a family and as a business, we live and work as sustainably as we can. We always choose to opt for farming methods that work positively for our cows, our customers and the environment.  We reuse and recycle, use renewable energy and look after our land and soil using traditional methods. As part of our commitment to cow welfare, we use a milking system that conforms to the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms principles.

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In addition to our award-winning milk, we also produce our own Dorset Double Cream, Sea Salted Butter, Peppered Butter and our 'Mini Moo's', our popular range of milkshakes available in chocolate strawberry, banana and vanilla flavours.

Our products are vegetarian friendly, gluten free and free from any artificial colours or preservatives.

What the Great British Food Awards 2022 judge Glynn Purnell said about our Sea Salted Butter... 

'The colour and the consistency of this butter was mind-blowing. The flavour was incredible. It was just delicious.'

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How to find us

To find out how to buy our products, stock them in your shops or serve them in your restaurants and cafes, then simply send us an email to, phone us on 07908 267410 or come visit us at Park Farm, Shroton, Blandford, Dorset. DT11 8TP

Check out our instagram @meggymoosdairy or click on the images above.

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